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Is he going to let the janitor see me like this? That question is answered when he goes back to the door and opens it. I hear two sets of shoes shuffl... inside the closet. I hold my position but my body is trembling. A rush of my fluids seeps out of my folds.Chapter TwoI hear them greet each other. Sir’s hands rub along my back as they talk. The janitor’s name is Mike. He apologizes to Sir, but is quickly told that I am the one who should be saying I’m sorry, for being so rude to him. Sir asks. "We better get going before we are late for our dinner anointment."Kevin was stunned to find that Kyle was a black man and not quite as old as he had expected. Kevin had pictured Kyle as a short fat bald old white guy but Kyle didn't fit any of his imagination at all.Kevin mostly sat in the limo listening to Kyle talk to Brooke on the way to the restaurant but Kyle did ask him a few questions and told Kevin that he would be hiring him to work on the estate as well as Brooke.When they got to the. His hand went directly to my dripping snatch and curled two fingers inside me.He smiled again, saying I was even worse than a bitch in heat…Then he began to firmly slide his fingers in and out of my hot, dripping hole. Slowly at first, sneering as he did it; then fast and hard, causing my hips to lift from the bed.I desperately tried to stifle my moans of lust and whimpers of terror; but his grin told me that he knew exactly what I was feeling.As he fucked my cunt with his fingers, he undid his. Soon they were surrounded, Emily being the only single one was coveting the attractive men and with her big tits on show and beautiful face and body. She had the pick of a few but settled on Troy as, as she said, she wanted to try BBC. Troy was with a few friends from work and soon they were all over the girls. A handsome guy called Steve was the first one to try it on with Kerry. She was attracted to him and they got talking. Kerry told him she was married and that nothing would happen between.

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