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She met this guy that had long hair and was not muscular. Their eyes locked from across the hallway at work. They Hadn't even exchanged names before t...ey started fucking in his office. She put his 14 inch penis inside of her pussy while he was busy fisting her pussy. He would finger her pussy with his left index finger an middle finger while fisting her pussy with his right hand; meanwhile she was having the time of her life rubbing his dick inside of her pussy which made them both cum over and. ”“No, no Nancy, I think the way you are dressed is just right. I wouldn’t change a thing.”“Oh Bob, I don’t know why I feel like I do, but when I get around you or know I am going to see you I get all flustered and ... and...”“Horny,” I finished her sentence.“Yes, that was what I was trying to say or maybe not say. Here I am a 24-year-old nurse, and I am acting like a giggly schoolgirl for a man in his sixties who is recovering from a heart attack. I just don’t understand, but I don’t care. I. ”He looked down at his crotch, “Me too,” he said.She leaned close, so close that she could smell the subtle aroma of his antiperspirant and see the individual hairs on his chest through the open neck of his polo shirt. With his heady fragrance and view in her senses she looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Then drop ‘em!”He stood up close to her, smiled, sneaked her a sidelong glance through slitted eyes, and said in an American accent from the side of his mouth, “I’ll drop mine if you’ll. “I think they’re gay,” Chloe whispered as she nodded her head at one of the two guys at our table.Her declaration kind of surprised me because it was the first time she had made mention of an alternative lifestyle choice and while I was not offended, it really didn’t matter to me if the guys were gay or not, because I was not going to be bedding either one.“Probably,” I replied. I would later learn that being gay was not openly welcomed in the Asian culture, although that seems to be changing.

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