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Lulu looked over her shoulder at Kris and pursed her lips in a silent kiss. He was no longer amazed at how turned on that made him feel. Then she walk...d around the end of one of the stacks in the library, still looking at books. Ambrose was in the art section, as opposed to the children's section. He was sitting on the floor, with a large coffee table type book open in his lap and was looking at pictures of surrealist paintings.Kris had been awestruck when they first entered the library. He'd. Dan watched from across the room. His new girlfriend was talking to him, but he had been distracted since Kathrine had entered. He stared at her body, specifically her chest. He'd give anything to see her new, almost oversized chest. He couldn't believe he'd been dumped before she ballooned up.As he watched he noticed something. the tiny bow had come undone, her dress slowly slacked. Dan sat up intently. Was it possible? was he going to get to see her exposed again? Kathrine danced on. If ever anyone is in this area I strongly recommend this pint. We sat on the wall outside the pub watching the holiday makers amble around the town, and watched the boats swinging idly at there moorings. Then Jo started talking about Jon. How well they get on, what they were planning to do together Jon this Jon that! etc. etc. I have had this happen before enjoying the company of a good Woman then suddenly the conversation turns to there current partner, how well they get on…… The first time. Regardless if anyone thought it was cheap, I took a deep breath and allowed my tongue to take the small trip over onto Sage's labia. I let it set down towards the bottom and licked all the way up."She is a fucking natural at licking the clit, Cindy!" Sage screamed, applying pressure to my head. "I love that!"It seemed to work even better than a charm, I got Sage to vibrate quite a bit within only a second, and then I just waited a few more seconds for her to unleash her lady juice. I had only.

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