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I reached behind her, finding the zipper and slowly pulled it down till it stopped at the small of her back. She softly whimpered as I slid the thin s...raps off her shoulders. She modestly held it up covering her full perfect breasts for a moment, but as I pulled it slowly from her hands, she let it go. It fell to the floor around her ankles as she gasped a bit, feeling the cool room air on her bare skin. I steadied her as she stepped out from the puddle of a dress, leaving it on the floor as I. As John’s finger slides deeper and deeper in Candy’s pussy . John slides up and kisses Candy on the lips as she tastes her juices John reaches down and grabs his cock and rubs it up and down Candy’s slit rubbing it all over her clit as she moans oh ohohohhhhhhhhhh yea oh John don’t tease me baby fuck fuck oh godddddd fuck me yes baby John slide his cock down to the entrance of Candy’s pussy and slides it in ohhhhh yessssssssss John.. Candy screams as john is ramming his cock deep in Her pussy. Once we were past we started laughing and looking back to see if they were following us. She said wow they almost caught a sex fish and we both laughed. As we kept walking we came to a Little beach with some big rocks out in the river. Still very horny I told here to come with me. We went down and out onto one of the big rocks in the river. Once out on the rock I started kissing her and playing with her breast kissing on her neck working my way to her breast sucking and biting on her nipples.. There was no possible way for Lee tostop the inevitable, as the latch on the shed door was already beingdisengaged. Lee stood up from the chair.David had stood in the door way looking at Lee, his mouth slightly open.Lee stood with reddening cheeks looking directly at David. Lee knew therewas no point in disguising the fact that he had been caught in a mode,much more feminine then the usual. There was no shame in it, his motherknew and had been his strength, and David had for a long time.

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