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Cathy, with their daughter in her arms, met him at the airport and as might have been expected, the child was a bit frightened by the stranger in thei... midst. More importantly, Steve wondered who the lady was in the driver's seat of their car. It certainly wasn't the quiet, shy, demure young woman, mother of his daughter, that he had last seen nearly one year ago when she was sent home to have her baby. By the time that they actually arrived back at their house, he was nearly asleep in the car,. It is important for my ship, not just me and you have chosen to undertake responsibilities on our ship."The silence lengthened. After a long minute, Simmo tremulously spoke"I killed seven people. Blew them apart with no warning. Just cu..."Hazel was off of Julie's lap and in Simmo's face before he could finish; her voice was harsh and brittle with tight emotion"WE! We killed them! We designed those lasers. We built and fitted those lasers. Anyone of us; anyone of us could have pulled that. "Between the two of us, we got his leg set an' splinted afore the rail wuz fixed good enough that the conductor wuz willin' ta trust his train on it. We managed ta git Jubal an' the two hosses inta the baggage car, an' I rode in there with 'em. We got ta town an' got Jubal an' the hosses off the train. It went on its way while I hunted up a doctor. The doctor said that there wuzn't nothin' more he could do, so I bought a small bottle of laudanum from him fer Jubal's pain an' tipped him two bits. “No prizes, no more party, I’m done for the night. I’m going to my room, by myself.” I was really angry. “Luke, I’m not angry with you, I’m just angry at one of your gay guests.” I started calming down a bit. “Please apologize for me to Cassandra and Abigail, but our threesome will have to wait.” Luke took my face in his hands, and this time he did kiss me. After all that had happened I found it sweet, and somewhat arousing. I kissed him back, took him in my arms, and we sat down together on a.

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