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Never doing more than holding hands, just pleasing ourselves next to each other. Then cuddling as we fell asleep. You ain’t mad, are you?”“Naw, ...ot at all. It was with you, and I trust that things would only be kept there. Other than being together it would really be no different than if you had done it in your bedroom and she had been in the bathroom.”Linda called a short time later, and as I was talking to her on the phone I heard the first thunderclap. “Oh crap” I said softly, and went to. Woke me up so I caught a shuttle over. You want to show me those drawings you made?"I handed him the portfolio and let him leaf through the drawing of my nightmare tanks. He looked at them for quite a while and then looked over at Doc."I can see why you'd have nightmares. These things look formidable, even if they are just dreams. If they're real with the details you've noted and the things you told Doc they could be a hand full."Taking the case I reached in and removed one of the chips that I. When things got bad, that was the only leverage I had against you to get Dinah and me and the baby away, because I knew that with his political ambitions and all, the last thing he would want is to be publicly linked to an adoption clinic that was a bit, shall we say, shady. I just had no idea it would go THIS far.’ ‘We did, for a while. But then I wanted a baby for my own and he didn’t see eye-to-eye with me on that….’ ‘And what better way to get his goat than to get pregnant by his nephew,. According to him, we were back in Trontigmakader space and not far from their homeworld.Har-Hi came on the bridge with Alice and a Togar female in his wake.I was mildly surprised to see them in dark green uniforms and my XO said.”This is Cadet Alice Enigma and the other one is Cadet Calara Roghor. They passed their Academy entry exam and are ready to do begin their training.”“Their training? Wouldn’t they need to go to first-year basic training first, as we did?”Har-Hi proudly pointed to his.

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