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Playing and singing it took me a bit to notice that hers was not the only voice. Outside I could see what looked like a thousand balls of light dancin... in the air. They flashed with my song and I could hear them singing. It was my own personal choir of angels. They were taking my music and weaving their voices around it, making it something bigger, something perfect.The glorious music flooded the air. I imagine my closest neighbors, miles away, could hear it. My door opened and the lights came. Main to mar jaoongi. tab unhone kaha ki thoda sa dard hoga phir mazza hi mazza. Wase main bhi is cheez ka mazza lena chahti thi. bhaiya ne mujhe bad par lita kar mere dono par khole aur meri CHOOT par land ka munh rakh diya aur thoda dabaya to land ka munh meri CHOOT mein andar chala gaya. mere munh se jor ki cheekh nikli Ahhhhhhhhhh bhaiya main mar gayee ise bahar nikalo , main bhaiya ruk jaao. meri cheekh sun kar bhaiya ruk gaye.Phir ek dum se jor ka jhatka maar kar poora lund meri CHOOT mein. I woke up late the next day to the vibration of my phone. I groggily checked it and saw that I got a text from an unknown number. It was Erin, and she wanted to meet up in an hour. The maybes temporarily flew out the window while I jumped out of bed and beelined for the shower. After making sure I was squeaky clean and smelling good, I put on my daily attire in an attempt to look as natural as possible. I put on some cologne, grabbed my wallet and phone and drove to campus. I texted her back on. “You know you want it you little wench” barks Robin again as Melissa wraps her small hands around his shaft and starts stroking it. “Put it in your mouth you bitch” Robin barks more orders as Melissa slides her tongue over the head and shaft of John’s hard cock. “Do it now” she orders as she pulls the back of the chain between Melissa’s thighs pulling the chain between her swollen pussy lips and tugging on her nipples. Melissa engulfs his hard cock in her mouth and the slurping and sucking.

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