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He gasped at how good felt andlooked.He kissed his sister on the cheek, and thanked her for his lesson.They spend the rest of the afternoon watching T.... Every few hoursthey both got up to go change their tampons and Kotex. After afew times Paul got to insert Karen's tampon into her, and she didthe same for him.The next day, still wearing panties, a Kotex and tampon, and hisgirl's clothes Paul wrote his report.When Monday morning arrived they got dressed for school. Paulwore boy's jeans and. "Not only that Max, but his dad passed the same year he joined up. It's about all he has left of his dad." Am I going to need a locksmith? You know she won't hand me the keys, court order or not. I'm not going to jail for kicking her ass over someone else's property." I got the spare key his mommy had. She had it from when he was in high school and kept losing his." Yeah I can remember those days," I agreed. "Get me the information pack, and I'll see what I can do." Don't forget to take the. I agreed, and after work that day there started a routine of sexual attention any woman could only dream about. I was soon having sex with four of the guys who had enjoyed my pussy at the party. Then there soon were a couple of married men from work who saw me on a regular basis in my little rented Garden Grove house. I know they were just using me for sex, but as a financially struggling, newly single mom with a very needy pussy - at the time I thought it was great as you can well imagine. I. Lula looked up at me with her fingers still in my ass and asked, “Want to continue this in the bed?”================Chapter 4==================Lula helped me down from the tub. Her luscious golden brown skin made my mouth water. I couldn’t wait to see what else she had planned. As I dried her off I couldn’t help but run my tongue over her dark nipples, teasing them with my teeth till they got rock hard.Lula took my hand leading me into the bedroom.The first thing I noticed was the tray of fresh.

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