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Just then, Lynn and Tom ran hand-in-hand through the emergency room entrance. "How is he?" they both asked at once."I don't know," said Angie. "He los... a lot of blood, and they've just taken him to surgery. Lynn, he kept calling for you and saying 'I'm sorry.' What does he have to be sorry about?" Nothing," cried Lynn. "He has been the perfect husband. Please let him be OK."Lynn clung to Tom and Angie, tears flowing down her face.Jason came in and asked how John was doing. Angie explained he. . I'm willing to negotiate a wristie." Such a romantic!" she mocked, "I'm not going to lose, Dan." Sure." Okay here's the bet, if you get the highest score, I'll suck your cock."My stomach dropped. Holy shit."And swallow?" Jesus, Dan! No, I'm not going to swallow your cum! Leave a girl a bit of mystery! And before you ask, no, you are not cumming on my face or my tits or any other part of my anatomy. Anyway, you aren't going to win, and you also haven't heard my part of the deal. When I win, I. " The door will be open if I'm still in the shower, so just come over." He said that as he was turning to go into his room.I put the groceries away and started across the parking lot to his room (what are you thinking?). I'm sure we'll smoke some pot and talk about women and I can even make a friend. The door is slightly ajar (are you sure about this?) and I push it open and walked into the front room. I can hear the shower running, so I sit in the chair next to the T.V. ESPN is on the T.V. and. He asked, "What are the suitcases for?"Penelope said, "Both of you just sit back there quietly until we get to Beta Phi. Stop asking so many questions. You don't want me to stop the van and come back there, do you?"Chris and Todd put their hands in their laps and said in unison, "No, Miss Penelope."A couple minutes later they arrived at the fraternity house. It was curiously deserted and Penelope led Chris and Todd to an upstairs room, each one carrying one of the suitcases. She said, "Well,.

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