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“Lady, you just insulted five of the nicest women I know. I suggest that you walk away, now, and stay away. You are one word away from me bitch you all the way back to your mommy and daddy. Then I’m going to bitch slap them for raising such a waste of flesh for a daughter,” I paused for effect before continuing. “You choose the word.”The look on her face changed as she looked in my eyes and saw something that she had never seen anywhere in her little entitled life. It scared her. No,. Either go to the dance by yourself or don’t go at all. I really don’t care.” With those words, he hung up the phone. This sucked a ton of shit. Here was a big dance at my school, all my friends and their boyfriends were going to be there and my boyfriend refused to go. Life is just not fair. A few minutes later, I sent him a text message that read, “if you’re not going to take me to the dance, I’ll go by myself.” He didn’t reply. The next day, my parents gave me money to buy my dress. I was. One bit of bragging led to another, and Jenny asked to see the gold. She said that she had never seen that much in one place, so, in a fit of macho, I invited her over to see my cache. Thank God, I didn't tell her that I was transmuting it from iron, though I almost did. As you can tell, I had never before had a beautiful girl take so much interest in me.She drove us to my garage workshop, and I invited her in. I dug out the gold from where I had hidden it and showed her all 27 pieces. Jenny. Brad thought it was to good to be true and he thought it was never going to happen.But he just had no idea. When brad walked into the front door of his home and he saw his fine wife he already knew what she wanted.Jenn is 120 pounds,with the most perfect 38C tits,brown hair with blonde the age of 21 ,and with a nice little ass that bounces when you smack it.He knew she wanted sex because she was in a pink-like schoolgirl skirt when he came in.She siad hey baby how was your day at.

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