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We all had lunch and then her kid went to sleep and we were watching TV. All of a sudden while talking the conversation moved to massage and I said I how to massage as I travel a lot to bangkok and learned a bit there. She said will you mind giving me a massage I was happy that today might be lucky day for me.We moved to bedroom and I asked her to wear a bikini so that I can massage her. She accepted and changed to bikini and lied down on the bed and gave me baby oil. I started with back. She just asked me to do this favour and I followed it immediately. After removing her top, the two mountains I could see which were wrapped in purple bra. They were really Hugh and it was difficult for me to blink my eyes.I just started playing with those milk pots slowly and she was also enjoying it. Slowly slowly my hand was caressing her boobs, nipples and her belly. It was super smooth like butter and I was getting mesmerised by her body odour. I kept making circles in and around her. .I was making everyone else blind. I realizedthat I could feel something else...something flowing into me. I couldonly guess that it was the light. I was making it dark by absorbing allthe light.I was terrified and confused by this realization, but I couldn't helpbut feeling an odd sense of excitement as well. However with theunderstanding that I was causing this came the certainty that I couldcontrol it. With just a thought, as though flipping a mental switch,everything went back to. By the time I'd entered my teens, well my dick was just hard all the time, just taking every thought I had. If you're a guy, maybe you remember. It's all I wanted to do.So, one Saturday morning, we were in the family room watching cartoons (yes, you watched them, too, I'll bet) and I had a blanket over me as I played quietly with my dick when my oldest cousin come in the room in nothing but a teeshirt to ask one of my younger sisters where something was that she'd borrowed.Well, my cousin was.

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