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Tipping my head back, I rest my lips lightly against his as I whisper, ‘I love you so.’ My hands slip underneath his shirt to spread against the w...rm skin of his back. The kiss deepens naturally as building hunger sweeps through my body. My hands begin to skim over his body, reassuring myself that this is not a dream, and I really have him here in my arms. Clothes fall away with every pass of my hands, baring his gorgeous body to my hungry eyes. A chill rushes over me as I realize his hands. I was momentarily distractedfrom my other troubles as, with a feeling of disbelief, I felt its weightin my hands and realized how heavy it was. It definitely felt like metal,not plastic, and definitely heavier. But....Uh Oh... That is when Inoticed the first difference. It was not just that the blaster washeavier, I was pretty sure my hands were smaller. They were completelyshrunken to the point where a casual observer might notice it. But sincethey were my hands, I was pretty easily. I recognized a few of the names who had talked to me or Doug a few times, and not much was happening. There were no videos going, and a few of the people were just chatting about general subjects.One person noticed me in there and sent me an instant message."Hey is that really your wife with that guy?" he typed."Yeah it is" I replied to him."How in the hell did you allow him to take off with her, knowing that he was going to fuck her" he asked."Well long story, but when I meet her she was 20. The water was running so she didn't hear her big sister approach. The girls had their own separate bathroom, which joined their two bedrooms so they were accustomed to seeing one another semi-nude or from time to time, nearly all the way naked.But when Lilly noticed Kelly outside the glass door of the shower stall, she became angry. And her older sis knew at once why -- she had accidentally caught Lilly in the act of very closely examining her barely pubescent young pussy."So what are you doing.

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