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I asked her why see trapped her boobs in her blouse to which she asked me to free them. I didnt listen to her. I now moved on towards her cleavage and...made my way to her neck. I started licking her neck and biting her ears. She was breathing heavily and just then I kissed her on her lips. my toungue started finding its way in her mouth and we started exchanging our saliva. I dont know why but that was the most deepest and bestest kiss I ever had, she ever had. We were kissing passionately for a. I open my mouth to scream but he’s faster he puts a large hand over my mouth and I can feel the hard skin on my soft lips and the smell of nicotine on his fingers he pulls me to him and holds me to him with an arm around my back I struggle but he’s too strong and holds me easily a mocking smile on his lips he looks into my eyes with dark blue piercing soulless eyes and says “shh I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I have to” I stop my struggle his eyes seem to see into my soul he sees my. ‘You did good with these. I remember what you blended in this. But, you added something to get the color.’ Miles grinned at him. ‘You caught me. Mostly Cab Franc, from two years ago – some of last year’s reds, which were much better. But, not that much, maybe 20% – they were too good to waste. And, a little purchased Syrah – that’s the color. Just a little blending magic, and it’s a drinkable table red.’ He looked at Ana. Her glass was empty. ‘I’m sorry, sweet. I get caught up in trying to keep. ..Mark: Angie, i'm baaaack.Angie: What took you so long.Mark: I got us a little something extra.Angie: What?Mark: some jack and rubbers. Angie: Wow, now we can really party.Mark: So where do you want to go?Angie: Let's go down by the river.Mark: alright.We went down near the river and found a nice spot out of sight from the wedding party...Mark: Perfect!!!Angie: yeah perfect.Mark: are you sure you want to do this?Angie: Yeah i'm sure. Angie takes a swig of jack as Mark starts to caress her.

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