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She had already spotted them but nobody else had.I relayed her instruction to Dr. Ndenga and he got the team busy setting up tents. As the work got un...erway, Bonnie signed to me to follow her. Drs. Springer and Ndenga started to join us across the stream but Bonnie signaled for them to stop. She made it clear that I was to make contact with the clan and try to earn their trust. Otherwise, they would just continue to move away from the research camp, making any observation and study nearly. "Stop," I said, but not forcefully. I cleared my throat as his nose went under my skirt, actually lifting it slightly as the a****l continued to explore my leg."No!" I said, taking a step backward and then another as he stood there. "Go home!"He ignored that and I looked over my shoulder as the a****l circled me slowly. He sniffed at the back of my knees and the under my skirt again, with his snout reaching for my butt, and I swatted at him nervously. I started walking away and the dog watched. Instead of squishy like it normally gets, it was rock hard — packed with semen.I grabbed my bags and ran up to my room. I still didn't have time to do anything, my step-mom was calling us back down for a late lunch that we picked up on the way home."I'll be right down, just getting changed" I yelled down. I had to change before someone smelled my musky scent of pre-cum and female lube. I undressed, except for my bra, stopping for a second to examine my tighty-whiteys, juices were dripping off. Sylvia squatted a little more, gripping her soft asscheeks and pulling them wider. Her asshole kept expanding until it gradually opened enough to fit over the man’s big cockhead. Sylvia eased the pressure, grunting as his cock knob popped into her ass. Sitting still for a moment, she clenched her asshole, locking it tightly behind his cockhead. Then she began gyrating her ass in little circles, loving the feeling as her asshole slid around the man’s cockhead.Her tight asshole expanded wider as.

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