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I sat and stared at the screen, stared at this really hot woman who was an erotic wet dream but resembled my mother. The longer I stared, the more ero...ic she got, and the harder my dick got. When I had a full-on boner, I hit play.I was surprised at the good sound quality. Her voice was clear, easy to understand, and sultry.“Just stand right there, big boy. Mama’s got a little show for you.”She had this incredibly seductive half-sway half-walk into the bedroom and started a slow strip. First,. And your right hand man is known for his loose ways with the females and just clubbed two men to death. We need reassurances."In a low, clear voice, Harley looked out over the dimly lighted audience and asked, "Would you come up here, sir?" Why?" the voice asked nervously. "Why you want me up there?" Are you a family man?" Harley asked."Well, yes I am. So what?" the man asked."Well, I want to offer you a job. You see I have to hire more policemen, sheriff's deputies and guards for the county. Dave, do you know whathappened to him, or where he is?" I interrupted. Dave was looking alittle confused by not only the question, but the reactions to thequestion that both Gerald and Christine had."Frankly, I am not entirely sure how this is your business, butChristine told me the bastard up and left her. Fancied himself awriter, so he went off to write. He also got himself fired from apretty good teaching gig too, I understand."Christine was back at the table by this point trying to clean. He sensed that Dot was going to cum. He withdrew his two fingers as Dot began to tremble and shake. Then the squirting started. For the next forty-five seconds, she squirted. The kitchen roll absorbed all of her cum. Dot said, “I have never had an orgasm like that in my life. I have never squirted before. My whole body was trembling. What an amazing experience.”Carol said, “That looked wonderful. I had a strong orgasm, but that was unbelievable. Your cock goes so deep. It's an awesome feeling..

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