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"I'm cool. I'll take the back roads home when it's time to go."We lived on the outskirts of a small town. After midnight, there was only one city cop ...n duty. The highway patrol and the sheriff's department patrolled the main highway, but didn't cruise the back roads.I sat between Greg and Dave with my feet up on the hump. I noticed that my skirt was high on my legs, but I didn't care. The buzz I enjoyed made me feel carefree. Dave put his arm behind me, pulled me close, and kissed me. I shoved. She looked at me then at my dick and said with a smile, “I take it you’re ready for me.”“Mom, I’ll always be ready for anything you want to do, anytime you want to do it. I love this change in our relationship and I hope it continues to grow.”My mom reached over and grabbed my dick and started rubbing it. I spread my legs a bit to give her room to reach my balls too, if she wanted to. It only took about two tugs for me to get hard and by the fourth tug I was hard as stone. She was stroking. It almost seemed like she wanted me to win.Thank God, I downloaded our video to a small hard drive because, stupid Jimmy left his phone where his mom could find it and she saw the video. His mom Linda, being the dog fucking slut she was, knew my mom and thought she could use the information against her. She questioned Jimmy about the black men in the video and he cracked. He told his mom the whole story about us catching my mom and those men fucking, and us making the video. He also told her. He was moaning and asked me to suck his cock, but I refused. I had something else in mind. I pushed him (a little roughly) over the rail a bit further, pulled his ass cheeks apart, and buried my face in his ass. I ran my tongue up and down his crack stopping at the base of his balls, before making my way up again and burying my tongue in his asshole. His ass was tight but in this position I felt I could go deep. He was moaning and telling me to eat his ass, asking me if I liked his ass. I.

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