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“More likely shrapnel from an RPG or a ricochet fragment, but that’s about right.”“When can I see Charlie?” asked Marilyn.“Well, he’s co...fined to the hospital on the Tarawa right now. He’ll be there for a few days, and then will be able to come home. The Tarawa group is scheduled to return to Norfolk as soon as they clean up in Monrovia, maybe another week. It might be easier to simply bring the lightly wounded home that way,” said Captain Hmong.It was my turn to receive the death stare from. I had even learned how to bend over and hump my ass on Hanks rod, while his huge hands squeezed my cheeks until there were finger sized bruises and he aimed his jizz at my tiny brown hole. Still, I was worried that I had stopped being fun enough to play with, and the knot in the stomach turned from nerves to dread. A lump formed in my throat as I imagined that one more adult decided that I wasn't worth their time. The third time I passed their house, I saw a figure come out the front door. A. The two of them howled with laughter and clapped as I rubbed the vomit all over me, I was sobbing in shame. They both took photos of my vomit covered body. « Now wank for us and com in this cup » Mary ordered, « Then swallow your cum » It was hard to wank, my bum and thighs lacerated an burning, my balls swollen to ten times their size, they ached horribly but I managed to wank and cum in the cup filling it with my spunk then drinking it as Mary filmed me. Finally, the punished was over, they. Once through the door, Paul was in a room totally unlike any previously attached to the villa and nothing at all like a kitchen. It was a large and spacious, but not too intimidating. Several armchairs were set in a semicircle, but the room was otherwise unfurnished. The floor was covered by a soft blue carpet that tickled the bare soles of his feet. The pale blue walls were covered in a peculiarly oriental pattern. There was a single huge window that looked out onto a landscape totally unlike.

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