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It was like they had a system, as Sam walked to one of them, the others would distract Dave so he looked away, and the others if close enough would bo...h grab a hand full of Sam's ass or try to get a good grope of her tits. She would bat their hands away and tell Dave to keep his friends under control, but he was too far gone to notice what his so called friends were doing to his lovely wife.She looked over at me, to see my reaction, so I felt like I needed to say something. Dave looked at me. Regaining her composure she said, ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘Oh, come on, Mom,’ said Tina, ‘You can’t fool me. Ever since Dad took off you’ve been grumping around the house. But, in the last two weeks or so you’ve been smiling, joking, and humming like you used to. You’ve got your old confidence back. You’re showing all the signs of a woman who’s getting it good and getting it regularly. So, who’s the guy?’ ‘I don’t think that’s any of your business, young lady,’ Angela said stiffly. Tina. With her nipples hardening up against his chest Susan wondered if she could fill her,now throbbing, pussy with his manhood before he woke too much. She shouldn't have worried. What does a man do when his woman wakes him by climbing on top of him in the middle of the night? He grabs her slender hips and positions her womanhood over the head of his cock, finds her wetness, and pushes her hips down. As he slowly worked his way up to full consciousness, he was amazed at how tightly. After about fifteen minutes of Geography revision Christina said, ‘Would you like a coke?’ Of course she had been working on this for the last hour, and all the drinks in the house were laced with sleeping pills. ‘Gee Whiz! I’d love one! Drawing these maps of Canada is thirsty work…’ Heather replied. Christina brought out the coke and watched as Heather drank it, and then fell fast asleep. Heather awoke to find herself tied to a bed in Christina’s bedroom. ‘I really expected more from you…’.

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