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I was wondering what time it was, since I had plans today..." I replied, focusing back to the test while cursing Madi with her unfair teasing. I glanc...d at the door a few minutes later, making sure she wasn't there, and began focusing on my test again when my phone began to flash a little. Curious at the unfamiliar symbol attached to the message, I clicked it, never expecting a video clip of her a foot or so away from her phone, groping her breasts while spreading her legs as wide as she could.. I quivered as the rhythm of his movements felt so immense until he moaned that he was ready to climax and sent his sperm in a steady flow inside me. I felt Bill’s own eyes upon me during all this time and then told the men to leave us alone.He walked over to me and kissed me all over slowly taking my lingerie off and said he wanted to experience everything he saw before.I leaned over to him and took him in my mouth moving my mouth in a constant motion and moaned that I needed to feel him inside. I was sure that she is not taking my side. I just hugged her and she hugged me. So guards threw Akshay out. And they asked us to enjoy the rest of the evening. So we came out and we both were smiling. I said “thanks. I thought ki tu uska side legi and they’ll throw me out. She said “no re why would i do that”. You saved me from that scoundrel. Thank you” i said “anytime for you” so,we enjoyed the awesome fedde le grand’s rest of the set dancing and grinding her ass over my dick. Later after day. She pulls me into her harder. I withdraw again and slide back in, balls deep. She screams and pushes her hips up. I start to fuck her now, long deep strokes, some quick shorter ones. She relaxes her legs giving me deeper access. I slide into her and kiss her, she wraps her arms and legs around me, I grab her thigh and push her leg up, getting in deeper still. She groans “Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me baby, fuck me, harder baby”. “Oh fuck I want your cum in me”. I pull out of her and roll her over.

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