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.. and damn did she ever have some really fine pussy.”“I know what that’s like Gramps, Allie and I never did anything until I went to get her an... Maggie that day. They both fucked me in Mom’s station wagon on the way home, and all week at the beach in Biloxi too. Allie and Maggie sure have some fine pussy too - don’t they Gramps?”“They sure do. As fine as this family has ever raised - I’m here to tell you ... But back to my story.”“Yeah, tell me about Gramma’s aunt, I bet you even got some of. Riley. You two are going to make me cum." Maya starts to cum hard in Josh's mouth while Riley continues to tongue-fuck her ass faster."Did you like that, Maya?" Josh asked."Oh, yeah." Maya pants.Josh held Maya's slender legs up lines up his hardened member in front of her opening while Riley hovers her pussy over her face. Josh slips his cock inside Maya, making Maya yelp into Riley's pussy. Riley held onto her headboard as Maya starts to lap at her tiny pussy."Maya." Riley moans.Josh pushes. I had taken her only this morning.I had pressed my body against her sleeping form, her back against my chest, pushing myself against her so that as much of our skin was touching as possible, trying not to wake her. Well, obviously I was going to wake her. I just wanted to do it gently. I kissed and licked her shoulder. Nipping and sucking the back of her gorgeous neck. That was another of her weak spots, a few licks and sucks there quickly got her wet, every single time…"Lift your leg,. My long dark hair was sweptback off my forehead. My lips were harlot red. I was a slut. Analcoholic slut.I turned my body so I could see the tattoo on my arm in the mirror.Mik 4ever.He was somewhere in the flat. I could hear the TV. And although he waslittle more than a stranger to me, he saw me as his girlfriend. He sawme as Sadie. And he was the only person I could rely on right now tolook after me.If I went home to my parents' mansion they would have me arrestedbefore they listened to wild.

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