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“My cousin chose our dresses for her wedding and we all looked like squashed cupcakes, which she absolutely did on purpose so she could look the bes.... Fuck that noise. I picked a color, now get off your ass and pick a dress, Celine, or so help me god—”“Okay, okay,” I said, and groaned as I pushed myself up from the plush armchair I’d been sitting in. We were in a boutique in Anaheim, and Rita’s sister, three cousins, and Addie were all in the store going through dresses. I’d located the nearest. Already, I want you.”“I want you too, Lucien. Since the first day I saw you playing your flute outside the lunchroom, I wanted you so bad my belly, and my heart hurt. I wouldn’t even let myself think that you’d look at me, and here we are, sitting in your new truck and you’re about to give me a private performance on your flute.”“I want my date to have big titties so she will be happy and have fun tonight. I’m willing to try anything to please you.”“If I could make them grow myself, I wouldn’t. His hard cock was pushed against her left side. "What would you like to try next dear?" he said laying another good hard slap on his wife's white arse with a healthy slapping sound. Now he was spanking her at a steady pace causing groans of pleasure and pain from her. "How whatever you want to me?" she breathed between slaps. "You sure about that Lois?" he said stopping spanking her for a second. "Please" she said looking at him with her puppy dog eyes. "I'll do whatever. Both seasons now over, weekends consisted of sleeping in, ordering takeout, and spying on his next door neighbor, Ms. Blossom. Brad’s parents were up at the family lake house for the weekend. This was common for them when the warmer weather came. Brad always would stay behind, opting to instead to enjoy the solitude of the empty house. Scheming ways to somehow run into Ms. Blossom was a part of the incentive to stay home, too. An upscale neighborhood, she lived alone in a rather large house. A.

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