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Their new boat-master, Coryn was the owner and Captain of a sleek two-masted river schooner called The Lady Ellyn that could be creatively rigged to s...eed upstream against the river no matter what course the wind blew except for head on. He claimed it could outrun or outfight any smaller or larger boats of river pirates that threatened danger on the river. He was a short wiry man of well-past middle years that had spent his entire life trading up and down the river and he laughed that he could. When he saw me he looked away, but I kept staring. He started to work on his test again, but as he did, he opened his legs. His tight fitting khakis fit well over his brawny thighs and I could easily see a pronounced bulge in his crotch. As I kept watching, he spread his legs wider, dropped his hand into his lap and slowly began to massage the bulge. My pussy started getting wet, watching him caress his crotch with such an erotic, rhythmic motion. A smile shown upon his face as he looked over. They drank orange juice and ate cereal, sipped acrid coffee. "I guess we should make some decisions," he said as she poured them more coffee. It was strange, his mind was clear, his ever-present regrets had evaporated. No ghosts at all this morning. Very odd."You still subscribe to the Post? Pretty expensive when you could get it at school, I mean the library gets two copies I think." She put sugar in her coffee. "What is it, half a buck a day?" Something like that I suppose. Take it as a. He sent Raf over. “Alisha is too exposed here, you need to go somewhere more private,” he said, obviously parroting Jamal’s message.“You can go wherever you want; I’m comfortable here. If Ali is serious about talking, Jamal needs to let her come over here. She is getting far more attention standing over there.”“Shit,” I heard Sandy mutter from behind him. She walked over to Ali and greeted her as though she was the person Ali was looking for. She took her hand and led her over to the booth,.

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