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We had hardly gotten out the door when we heard more gunshots coming from the next room. There were some screams of pain and a lot of crying. That roo... was used for art classes, so there were no desks to shelter behind. We ran to the door and stopped. The door was completely open, but we could not see the shooters when we used the mirror.I formulated a quick plan which I whispered to Marlene. I had her stay where she was while I ran to the other side of the door. Once I was in place, she and I. I hear him grunt and he pushed me over onto the desk, while his finger slipped and rubbed my clit while he parted my legs with his other hand. Fuck, it was so good.Then I heard him kneel and he was pulling aside my thong and his tongue found my clit. I couldn't help but cum. It was mindblowing! He slipped his two fingers in and pumped them in and out as I came. My legs were shaking and my nipples were so hard. I could hardly catch my breath.Then he turned me around and slowly pulled my thong. Due to his status as noble, he did what he wanted to, and with who he wanted to. On the street, he could pick any woman to please him, and he did. He had made arrests of four who had not accepted to be fucked.His parents were rich and had a rather high position in town, for his father, Georges, was the 8th judge at the Court. His mother, Wanda, loved to pick up women with her husband, and make them do plenty of devious things. The girls were forced to obey if they did not want a fate far worse. "We will organize warriors and go recover the bodies at first light. If we go now the night life will just kill more of us." But I saw the Jeg carry him away!" Troy shouted."You saw the Jeg carry away a dead body," said Brynar. Troy was finally convinced as Kathy and Suzie agreed, to go into the jungle that night would only be suicide, and just to recover a body if it could even be found. They all went in the stockade heads hanging low at the loss of their friend.The cat tore through the jungle.

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