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" Where are we? How did we get here?" You are in the Mamao Hospital on the Avenue Georges Clemenceau. You were brought in by ambulance after you colla...sed on Temea Beach. Apparently, you walked up out of the water with the girl in your arms and passed out. Thankfully, there was the usual compliment of late night couples enjoying the beach. Two of them saw you and summoned assistance, and you were brought here." I'm sorry, I'm where?" French Polynesia. You know where that is, yes? No? Tahiti,. He lowered them again this time i let him grab my butt as i held him closer. i kissed him on the cheek and he squeezed my ass. i asked if he wanted some head. he smiled and we went to the restrooms. as we went in i grabbed his crotch and felt his hard dick in my hand. i kneed back down onto this dirty floor again. i unzipped his pants and his penis popped right out. i leaned in and wrapped my hand around his cock and started jerking him off. his cock was pretty big and had a nice pink head. i. "May I try the mate as well?" Of course, allow me." I say as I kneel to help with thesecond. Again, I help her carefully and make sure the strapis adjusted just so. Please try to walk again. I stay on myknees this time and am treated to a VERY good view! She notonly has on stockings, but they are held by an eight strapbelt if I saw correctly! Red lace panties with a noticeablewet spot covered her privates. And what privates, I am sureI saw more than I expected!My customer takes a short walk. "Okay, is that it?" I asked. "Nope, there's a little more. She also wants to play a damsel in distress, so she's going to pretend to get hurt while swimming in your pool so you can ‘save’ her. "I can do that," I said, flexing my arms a little. "Oh, and she'll be using a Southern accent. She also wants you to use a British accent." "What? I can understand why she'd want to pretend to be Southern, but what's with the British accent?" Claire shrugged. "I dunno, she didn't say. But if you.

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