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As i trying to talk more to her she is avoiding me quite well. Days passed, a month end came it was the time, when people never do work properly and n...t talk to team members repeatedly, always eyeing for the salary date and family issues for concern.My evil mind planned a seed to take her for granted and use a plan. I slowly talked to her about the social economy and company facility. She is responding to it and even asking her about family.To make an impact i asked her in late hours of office. In fact, he had planned on it. Several more moments of dead silence passed, and all the while the man in black was listening for any tell tale signs of another person in the church with them. There were none. He pulled an envelope from his breast pocket and put it in the rectangular hole in the wooden panel. ‘I’d like to think that I can set things right. At least in some small way. Maybe restore a little balance to the world. And my life.’ The preacher man picked up the envelope and opened it. I get it. But what’s right for you isn’t right for me in this instance.”Liz shook her head.“I don’t want a place I can do anything,” she corrected me. “I want a place where we can do things. How long do you think it will be before one of your neighbors starts to take pictures of us on the deck? How long do you think it will be before a horde of photographers stations itself right across the street from the roadway? Then all your neighbors will hate us for living near them and subjecting them to. A couple years later, there were a couple of things that really changed my life for the better. One of those little serendipity happenings, that is best defined by the words, what goes around, comes around. And Boy... , did it ever!First, out of the clear blue, I was promoted over many of my peer group and appointed Supervisor of our twenty-person Accounting office.Second, by then women's lib had arrived and had become a driving force. The old Equal pay for Equal work mantra. Soon over half of.

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