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He holds up a bottle of sun tan lotion to show me, then steps over and unties the strings of my white bikini top. Pouring some lotion into his hands h... begins to smooth it into my shoulders and down my back, stroking every inch with those big capable hands. I’m enjoying the sensation very much as he works the lotion right down to my behind. “I don’t think you’ll need these” he says in his most sexy rumble as he very deliberately unties the side strings of my bottoms. The fabric falls away and I. Bhabi kuch na bolleeen to maina lan par dabao dala or bhabi ki gand main zor lagata raha thoree dar main bhabi halki see muskarae or kitchen sa bahar nikal kar TV room main chaleen gaeen, phir muna ko utha kar apna flat main chale gaeen.magar ab muj main sabar kahan main be thoree daar baad bhabi ka flat par chala gaya, bhabi ki door bell bajae to bhabi na darvaza khol kar poocha kaya baat hai sunny maina kaha neend nahi a rahi ap soe to nahi theeen? Bhabi na sir hila deya or halki muskarahat. After breakfast we had a great time trying to fit four of us into one of the small tub showers. We all agreed that there were some drawbacks to our current living arrangements and that small shower was one of them. For some reason we all felt compelled to try the impossible and ended up with quite a mess for Irene to clean up.Kari and I left the Mobile Command Post parked near our room and drove a four wheel drive security vehicle we had appropriated from the fenced area behind base security.. “That is pretty kinky “I said “but if I say I will do that what sort of kink are you two going to do for me”? I watched as Betty moved her hands over Sidney's and asked her“have you ever had sex with a woman or wanted too”? They were so close they could have kissed each other “no and yes”Sidney said “have you”? Betty kept her eyes locked on to Sidney and also said “no’ and then said “yes” then suddenly they kissed. Sidney quickly pulled away and stood up “I need a drink” she said. I thought my.

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